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Thank You for Your Reviews!
If you're like me and haven't had to prepare a résumé for many years, you will find that the rules have changed! Do yourself a big favor and let Regency Résumés help you prepare a resume that will target what employers are looking for, get you noticed, and set you apart from the crowd!  Mark F.
You get me! This resume is great! Regency Résumés exceeded my expectations beyond measure.  Natalie O.

I like Regency Résumés because I've found that they can stand up without cover letters, if necessary.  Vanessa D.
     I was completely satisfied with the care that I received from Regency Résumés. My consultant did not simply plug my employment and educational information into a random template and return a generic résumé to me. Instead, she took the time to help me establish my career goals in order to produce the type and style of résumé that would assist me in accomplishing them.
     Within two weeks of submitting my résumé to various employers, I received several interview requests. With the coaching that I received from my consultant on how to use my résumé as an interview tool, I was able to acquire my "dream job" on my very first interview!
     I thank God for Regency Résumés!    Brennan C.

The résumé writing and job interview seminars were very helpful.  Val L.

Regency Résumés can make an immediate positive impression.  Chris G.
I sent my résumés to six prospective employers and got four responses the first week...then heard from the other two the next week. I was very happy with the response time to my résumé.  Earl T.
Regency has developed thousands of PowerPoint slides for us. The color mix is balanced and the graphics, animation and content development are excellent, tasteful, and very professional.  K.C.
Updating and revising my résumé after an eight-year period seemed like a daunting task, but the tips and suggestions that I learned from the Regency Résumé class helped focus my efforts and streamline the process.  Kim A.
I was immediately impressed with Regency. I like the way my résumé has a nice clean, organized look and it's very easy to read. In fact, in my job interview, the manager told me that he never saw a better-looking résumé.  Mark L.
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