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Job Search Resources
Searching for a job can be an overwhelming process. Fortunately, there are lots of resources to help you in your search. For example, networking continues to be an effective way to locate work. In addition, the Internet has become a very convenient and effective resource.
Online  job search websites

When using online  job search websites (and state unemployment agency websites), you should update or refresh your resume as often as possible  to keep it at the top of the employer's search  list.
Some employers will do a search for resumes posted within the last 24 hours or the last three to seven days.
Therefore, if you choose to make your resume visible to employers, it's best to refresh your online resume twice a week--preferably Sunday night or early Monday morning and then again by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
Each website is designed differently and has  different features, but basically you should look to update the "system date" of your resume. So, get familiar with how  these websites are structured.
In some cases, you can  simply click an "update" button. On others, you can open your "MyResume"-type tab and re-save the information. You may have  to make a minor edit, and then save the file again to cause  the system date to change.
Online company websites

This advice does not apply to  company (employer) websites. Once you file your resume or application on a company website, it may not be possible to  update it.
Furthermore, it's  important to note that when applying directly on company  websites, be prepared to allow up to two or three hours to  complete its online application form. Some of these  application forms have several pages.
Online resources

Increase your hiring potential by using these online resources:
- Job search websites  
- Company (employer) websites
- Professional or trade association websites
- State unemployment agency website
- Staffing or employment agency websites
Other resources

In addition to online resources, consider these options:
- Volunteerism
- Public or school libraries
- Company brochures and newsletters
- Job hotlines (via telephone)
- Networking (word-of-mouth) with family, friends, associates, and anyone else
Don't be afraid to learn how different web-based resources are structured. Furthermore, remember to network with family, friends, neighbors, business associates, recruiters, and others via email and in-person.
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