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Proofreading is Crucial
You've probably heard it before: proofread, proofread, proofread! Well, it's amazing how many applicants fail to take the time to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation in their resumes. Here are three ways to proofread your resume:
(a) Take advantage of the spell-check function in your word processing software application. Keep in mind that this feature is not fail proof. So you may have to refer to the definition of the word in
a good dictionary to verify the appropriate spelling. Remember, the spell checker will not identify words that are spelled correctly but in the wrong context. For example, one candidate wrote the following: "I am great with the pubic" when the appropriate word would have been "public."  Another example is: "information supper highway" -- rather than "super."
(b) Read your resume aloud...moving your lips and teeth. When reading your resume silently with your eyes, it's very easy to overlook spelling and typographical errors. However, when reading out loud, more than likely you'll read slower and have the advantage of the "double-check" process -- seeing the text with your eyes and hearing it with your ears. Also, read your resume several times. You might find errors or content that you overlooked previously that needs to be corrected or rewritten.
(c) Ask a trusted friend -- or two or three -- to read your resume, even if you have your resume designed by a professional writer. Get your friend's opinion regarding the resume content, spelling, grammar, punctuation and design.


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