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7 job tips for older workers
"Baby boomers" are entering the over-40 age bracket in record numbers.
In some cases, older workers are choosing to retire early. However, if you are an older worker and wish to remain employed and employable, your best strategy for maintaining your current job or getting a new one is to take on a positive attitude and develop a viable strategy.
Here are seven tips to consider:
As an older worker, you've probably built an extensive network of friends, co-workers, and past employers who will vouch for your strong work  history. Stay in touch with these folks and let them know your progress. Welcome job leads that they might offer.
"Age-revealing" comments
Develop an  image that does not scream "I'm old!" For example, avoid making these types of age-revealing statements in a job interview: "My grandson has football practice on Friday." "My daughter is a college professor." "In my day, we loved going  to concerts featuring Frank Sinatra." Get the idea?

Careers that "appreciate" age
If you are in the market for making a career change, there are industries or businesses that may be more "age-friendly" to the mature worker. For example, the medical/healthcare, legal and educational fields look for strong counseling or teaching skills and, therefore, appreciate the experience and wisdom of the older worker.

Pace yourself
Are you getting enough sleep  at night? Do you feel sleep deprived during the daytime?  Long-term sleep deprivation increases risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Lack of sleep can also impair memory and the ability to process information. So eat healthy foods, exercise, and get a good night's rest.
Part-time and freelance options
Until you find a full-time position, consider part-time work. This might even be a great time to consider self-employment. With all your years of experience, you've probably built a network of potential clients and vendors for your own business.
Training (and re-training)

Have new or advanced skills and tasks been added to your job profile? Do you need training to fulfill these requirements? Perhaps you should consider taking additional training--even if you already have a college degree. Check the websites of community colleges for affordable, adult education classes. If you are unemployed or living in a household of low-income, check your state government unemployment agency website. You may be eligible for free, state-funded retraining programs for displaced workers.
Resume options
There are a number of ways to minimize age-revealing information in your resume. For example, it may not be necessary to list your full work history or the date of your college graduation. However, each situation is unique. Let Regency Resumes and Communications produce a resume to fit your specific needs.
Your search for another job may take longer than that of your younger counterparts but stay focused and keep smiling. You are so fantastic and have much to offer!
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