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Does your resume highlight your unique talents?
You've been sending your resume to dozens--maybe even hundreds--of prospective employers with no response? What are you doing wrong?
When the unemployment rate rises, your competition also increases. One of the biggest mistakes made by job hunters is developing a resume that fails to highlight their specific achievements or unique job-related skills and talents.
Does  your resume go the extra mile?
Your resume should include a description of the routine work that you've done, but you should go a step further to include unique contributions that you made on your past and current jobs.

Your resume should include the following information:

Job roles held by people you work with or report to (e.g., engineers, sales agents, store manager, vice president)

Conditions that you worked under (e.g., completed task under tight deadlines, or completed project before schedule)
The extent or measure of your accomplishment, which might be expressed in percentages or value-based terms (e.g., increased sales by 25%, increased membership significantly, or doubled sales)

Type of industry in which you worked (e.g., healthcare, film, automotive, retail)
Does  your resume pass the test?
One way to test whether your resume addresses your uniqueness is to ask yourself if the information in your resume is too general.
Could the content in your resume apply to just about anyone else in your field? If so, then you should try to include specific contributions and achievements from your personal work history that will make you stand out above your competition.

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