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Is Your Contact Information Missing?
Good news! Your resume looks good. Recruiters and hiring managers want to contact you. If your hard copy resume is more than one page in length, remember to add your name, contact information, and page numbers on all the pages of your resume.
If necessary, you may want to create a personal email account specifically for your job search efforts. Your personal email address
should be "business-appropriate." Avoid using a goofy, sexy, childish, political or unbusinesslike email address as your contact information; and do not use your business email address.
For personal safety reasons, do not include your home address on your resume. Your name, personal email address, and personal cell phone number are sufficient.
You might be asking yourself: Will these easy tips really make a difference? There are times when the competition can be intense with more than 100 people applying for a single job. Therefore, it is worth taking the extra time to avoid unnecessary errors, annoyances, gaps or other red flags in your resume that might prevent you from getting the job you desire.


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